The History of Titus Groan

2011 – BBC Radio 4

Luke plays Titus Groan

Based on the novels of Mervyn Peake

Play by Brian Sibley

Director: Jeremy Mortimer



Bbc Audio Drama Awards 2012: Brian Sibley WINNER of BEST ADAPTATION for The History of Titus Groan




Copyright: Brian Sibley

Saturday, 30 July 2011
If you missed, ‘Titus Discovers’, the third part of my play cycle, The History of Titus Groan, based on the novels of Mervyn Peake, you can catch it tonight on BBC Radio 4 at 21:00.

And you can hear Part 4, ‘Titus Departs’, also on Radio 4, tomorrow, Sunday 31 July, at 15:00, described in the latest issue of Radio Times as: “An absolute triumph.”

Here’s another snap from the recording session with Luke Treadaway and Hugo Docking (left and right as grown up and young Titus) and David Warner who plays the Artist.

Instead of saying “Cheese!”, the photographer asked us to say “Gormenghast!” which explains why three of us have rather strange expressions. Luke, however, was too smart to get caught like that!

Among the events that are chronicled in the fourth play tomorrow are the developments in the brother sister relationships between Titus and Fuchsia played by Olivia Hallinan…

 (continues on his blog)

All of the episodes, as they are broadcast, will remain accessible via the BBC iPlayer until the series is complete. Then, eight days later, it will be possible to download and purchase all six hours of drama.

Photos: David Hunter and Islay Bell-Webb



Sources and interesting links:

Brian Sibley: his blog – on The History of Titus Groan

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